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What are the application categories of stainless steel hydraulic joints?

Issuing time:2023-04-21 15:10

In some factories, it is estimated that many employees have heard of the problem of hydraulic joints. The stainless steel hydraulic joint is a particularly important part of the machine equipment, it is mainly composed of motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic reversing valve and so on. However, most people do not know much about this joint, here is to introduce the relevant problems of stainless steel hydraulic joint.

What are the application categories of stainless steel hydraulic joints

Since the 1930s, stainless steel hydraulic joints began to be widely used in some capitalist countries, with the passage of time, has not been eliminated. Although its joint body and the structure of the nut have not changed much, but in order to adapt to the development of the whole era, it has developed into the fourth generation. Because it is a hydraulic tubing connection component, so it plays an important role in the machine or other liquid pipeline.

Two, its role in the end what are the benefits

Speaking of hydraulic joint, in fact, most people do not know much about it, but think it is a spare part, the use of relatively wide. However, it can effectively reduce the production process and processing links in the process of use, and ultimately can achieve the purpose of cost control.

Through the above introduction, it is estimated that we have a simple understanding of this joint. In fact, although it is made of stainless steel metal products, but it is used as a connector, not only has corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high toughness, at the same time, the gap generated by it is relatively small. If separated from some base metal, it is also relatively firm, and the connection is particularly good. But we also need to be careful when using it, to avoid causing some unnecessary harm.

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