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What is the principle of hydraulic pipe joint? How do you clean it up?

Issuing time:2023-04-21 15:09

Hydraulic pipe joint many people have not heard of, more do not know what it is. Xiaobian by searching the relevant information, now share with you the principle of hydraulic pipe joint and cleaning methods, hope to help you.

First, the introduction of hydraulic pipe joint

Hydraulic pipe joint is a connection component, is a connection between high pressure oil pipe and high pressure oil pipe, it has many categories, can be divided into welded pipe joint, high pressure hose, excessive pipe joint, high pressure ball valve and so on.

Two, the principle of hydraulic pipe joint

Different kinds of joints have different principles. Here, Xiaobian introduces the principles related to welded pipe joints. Welded pipe joints, as the name suggests, are welded, and circular seals are used between joints and pipes. The structure of this pipe joint is relatively simple, the production cost is not high, relatively easy to manufacture, and good sealing. But the welding quality requirements are very high, installation and disassembly is not convenient.

Three, hydraulic pipe joint cleaning

Hydraulic pipe joint cleaning is divided into two kinds of kerosene cleaning and pickling, kerosene cleaning is mainly for copper pipe and stainless steel pipe, first of all to clean the pipe and joint down, use cloth with kerosene to clean the inside view, and then the two ends and joint directly soak in kerosene cleaning can be done. The standard after cleaning is that there should be no visually visible contaminants. Pickling is mainly aimed at seriously corroded steel pipes, first degreasing, washing with water, and then rust removal, and then neutralizing with lye, pay attention not to the pipe mark to wash away.

On the principle of hydraulic pipe joint and cleaning way small series is introduced so much, I hope you can understand the hydraulic pipe joint after reading this article.

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